Russian Cycle Touring Club

Russian Cycle Touring Club

Long-distance bicycle trips through Russia



Russia is the largest country in the world by area. Cycling through Russia is a rather popular idea. From the west part (St. Petersburg) to the east part (Vladivostok) it is about 10,000 km. Some people do it as a part of their around the world tour. Here is the collection of links to some experience of long-distance cycling in Russia (some of them RCTC was involved).


Eurasia Green Gallery project 2012

Cycling towards New Zealand (Moscow - Altay - Mongolia) of Emma and Justin (2011)

Brugge to Moscow 2010

Amsterdam to Vladivostok of Mike Vermeulen (USA) 2006-2007

Baikal - Belukha expedition of Twan van Bakel and Monique van den Broek (Netherlands) 2005

An around the world bicycle odyssey of Pat and Cat (US) (2003) (Western part of Russia)

UK to Australia bicycle trip of Mark and Juliette McLean (UK) (2003) (Siberia)

Hiro Andow (Japan) - Trans-Siberia bike expedition Murmansk - Magadan (2002-2003 Winter)

Mountainbike Expedition Team - bicycle touring on the Kamchatka Peninsula of Waltraud Schulze (Germany) (2002)

Wade's Vision Quest Journal - detailed report about Moscow - St. Petersburg - Murmansk tour and Russia of Wade Hatler (US) (2001)

Winter trips of Andrey Finochenko


Moscow - Vladivostok bike marathon 2018 

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