Golden Ring of Russia cycle tour 2015
photo report


lake Nero Rostov
Lake Nero (Rostov)

Rybinsk Oshanin

cafe Champion Demino
Dinner in Demino

Road to ferry

Volga crossing
Volga crossing

Fortecia Rus Ples
Dinner in Ples

Tour center Suzdal
Well done!

Photos of Edward Lunev

Photos of Ludmila Arkhipova

Photos of Olga Tsupilo

Photos of Allan Fahey

Photos of Shiraz Penangwala

Video of Eduard Lunev


August (Whitehorse cyclists)


Russian house in Myshkin
Russian house in Myshkin

lunch stop

Volga ferry

with Karl Marx

Yaroslavl bike tour

bell plant in Tutaev
In the bell plant

Meeting on the road

vyatskoe cucumber
Vyatskoe - cucumber capital

Vyatskoe restaurant
Dinner in Vyatskoe

tour center Suzdal

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Golden Ring of Russia Annual International Cycle Tour

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